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Monday, July 16, 2007

Stolen, Manifest, Found

Greetings All!

So, I am getting into this law of attraction blessing. I am being observant of myself more and more every day and monitoring my thoughts. I've been watching the secret. I've been reading books that uplift me, articles that I can learn from, Videos that send good messages and writing in my blog. I want the Universe to hear me loud and clear!

I learned that your thoughts create your reality. Your in charge. Your given choices by the almighty and your given the choice to make the decisins that lay in your heart. Everyday I chck my thought process. I mean I am a positive person anyway, but I still harbor thoughts and feelings that trap me and block my blessings. I am also learning and growing through the art of letting go. It's a beautiful thing people. Brush it off and continue your life.

Manifesting (positive) is fun!

My purse was stolen out of the trunk of a friends car this weekend. Of course when I noticed it was gone I was a bit confused, overwhelmed and pissed. For a good ten to fifteen minutes I began to think about what was in the bag and I got upset. But then I realized that the money I had, payerfully, is helping someone right now. Their eating, and keeping warm somewhere because of the money I earned from working hard. I was upset at first because that was my two car payments. Now I have to start all over. But it could've been worse and I was able to be a blessing to someone else even if they did steal from me.

I had other important documents as well. Which I knew could be replaced. The one thing that bugged me was that my important documents are detrimental (spelling?) to the kinds of jobs I was interviewing for. So, I cried a little cause I knew it hurt so much. I must really want to be in the industyr I'm pursuing. I didnt know it was that deep. My feelings were hurt, cause I was giving my best at applying and interviewing, and promoting my self for travel and tourism occupations.

I looked on the bright side finally and thought, others have lost much more in other situations. I was blessed. So, I let it go. I was happy that I can replace my documents. (of course thinking of the money made me breakdown for bout a 2 mins today)

Because I knew everything would work out and I let the universe deal with it I bega to feel better and focus on what makes me feel goo in order to stay in a good mood. (good thing to do).

Guess what?!!! I got my bag back. They took my one of my important docs. and of course the money. But at least I dont have to expedite my passport cause I have that now, thanks to the officers who found it in a bush somewhere. God bless them!

Wel, I have an open house/interview, and info session early in the morning for another airline. This is it! I can feel it. Im so excited. My infosession with a cruise line last week was awesome. I'm looking forward to a new career change. Travel and media are my passions and i am ready to upgrade!

I celebrated at Whole foods, then got an allergic reaction to my fave shrimp kabobs. Think it was a mix up of utensils used to pick them up. (Thai salmon next to it had peanuts in it!). I spoke with two mangers and they gave my money back plus a $25 gift card! Yes! I'll be back. Won't be eating from near anything thai though. I get a crazy reaction(s) from peanuts. But all is well, and i'm at work, manifesting, clear minded, and reading and awatching stuff on youtube and myspace about the law of attraction and life. "Change your thoughts and life will follow..."

Peace, Luv, Blessings
Ms. Unique

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