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Sunday, July 8, 2007

From Old Blog : May 13, 2007

Fashionably Eventful!

Greetings All!
Wanted to share my week with you. Thurs thru Sat was a bit busy and fun. For months I received invites in my email about drink/liquer sponsored events that introduce drink brands and the fabulous ingenuity behind the companies that brand, make and distribute them. ie.Kahlua, Crown Royal, Guiness etc. These events are marketing tools to reach the curious drinker.
Well I finally expereinced this meeting of social alchies and learned a lot about "Guiness." The one thing that stands out to me is that I dont really like "Guiness." It has a strong taste and is a bit bitter, but mixed with "Harp" beer, is quite tasty! "Harp" by the way is from the "Motherland." (will have more info on that lata). Needless to say I eft with a slight buzz and a souvenir drinking spoon, specifically made to get the right frosty ring around the head of the glass. Yea,, I know.And my date actually highjacked another piece of paraphanalia.
The night never ended there! We mozied on over to Ibiza Restaurant (Peach tree st.)A fairly new cultural playground. Theres a theme for each night of the week and I experienced their "Arabian" night. The bartender "sweetie" let us taste test a homemade Sangria and crhristioned my night with a smooth and fruity "Ibiza Orgy." (Give this drink a try!Tell'em I sent ya!)
This week I also got to expereince the Hedonism that is "Makos." "Body shots, swinging lapdances, & spankinga, OH MY!"
I'll stop there. Check it out yourself for more details.
Friday, "Compound Nightclub" hosted FASHIONABLY LOUD featuring Whip Appeal Modeling inc. The fashion show was hot. Each walking canvas showed off local brands and represented boutiques around the city (Atlanta)as they walked through the tenshi gardens and pass the hype crowds. Among the lines/designers: Young Jeezy (he has a line?), C.W Jacobs (nice stuff!), and 7 Boutique.
Well wells, im off to do some work in the studio.

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