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Friday, January 29, 2010

Extra Money Making Ideas...Part 1

"I've got an idea!" Is what I thought after successfully helping someone make about $400 extra dollars of income in one month.

First thought: How cool, i'm so proud of them. Second thought: Hey, why can't I do that for myself?

Sometimes we get in our own way. And this is not the first time I had this idea and its not the 1st time its been presented to me.

I have the ability to rattle off a mountain of ideas to other people about almost ANYTHING. I see people take the idea, affirmation, or moment and continue down the path of success whether they realize it or not. I've also seen others catch it then throw it back.

So, I've decided that I am available to help others (which I love doing anyway) who want to have their own business and may even know how to run a hot business but can't seem to be creative enough to keep it up.

With an idea, a plan, and some consultation I know I can have you making an extra income in good time. It feels good to know that I have do able, extra money making ideas!

The New York Times Magazine issue for December 13, 2009 stared at me every time I stepped into the room and saw it laying on my desk. "The 9th Annual Year in Ideas." was the talk of the issue and has some pretty incredible inventions that of course started with a GREAT idea. I see it as a BIG hin from GOD. So, I've got a plan.

I'm helping others turn ideas into bucks and bucks into EMPIRES!!!

Of course I'll be building an empire of my own along the way. That 1 1/2 hour consultation I had with the future business owner was a value of little more than 30% of what she actually made. I could have charged that while she made triple the amount in profit. I'm glad she asked me for help because by helping her (and others) I discovered a working business for myself that I enjoy and can do as often as I want.

If interested, I will send you a break down of my services. Here's a simple summary of how it will work.

One Idea

One Plan

One Consultation

Idea, Plan, Consultation in one or all separate. Whichever you prefer. Price will vary depending on amount of ideas and plans needed and hours of consultation. So dial into it and start your EMPIRE!

There is no website right now, simply because I want my clients, YOU, to let me know what YOU need and want to see, before I jump in without a concrete PLAN.

Did you see the magic word for today? PLAN!