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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


How does it get any better than that?



Alright, heres a littel project. I was watching the secret and they mentioned within the film to think of manifesting something great in your life. First try something small, be very detailed, so you know you co-created the reality. Once you get the hang of it try something huge, amazingm uplifting & great! REMEMBER TO BE POSITIVE AND KIND WITH THIS!

In my second to last blog I noticed i've manifested some things in my life so far. You know, like certain kinds/types of people (I believe in the energy of others), insights, ideas from different resources, opportunities. yada yada yada. (Theres something on my mind now im trying to get rid of), (poc and pod; c

So, heres an experiment.
Some want to manifest money, love, peace in the world, relationships, material items, sex & things of that nature. I want to make this fun!

How about:

1. Legal Money / Unexpected Income

2. FREE Healthy Food/Special Food. I luv to eat!

3. Hot men. Just to look at. And maybe talk to. You know - the positive, sane kind.

4. ____________ Name of person you like.

N E One reading can comment back and let me know what their manifesting and if it has come to be. Manifest to you, be safe, considerate, & positive.

Peace Be With You...

Madame Unique

P.S. I'll post video soon.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Told ya


My pregnant co-worker just walked in.

C, I told ya'll.

Peace in Middle East.


Having Babies...

Ok, Im getting a bit confused. Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, there are babies. Dont get me wrong. I luv those little bundles of joy. I've bcome an instant aunty and I love it! But, EVERYWHERE?!

Television, work, magazines, conversations. Im thinking maybe this a sort of symbolism. Of course it means new birth, new lives, new world of people. But what about the symbolism for me?

Well, I did get a new job. So thats one beginning. I have a career changing idea in the works. Thats another beginning. I guess it means that my job, my business ventures, my friendships, my personal feelings, my life is being born. Well, re-born.

I've just been anxious and fidgety these days. Im ready for my career to take an energetic upgrade. I've been searching fo rsomething. Excitement! Thrills! Interest! Carefreeness! Happiness! Im already happy. Fullfillment!

Its all there I just have to grab it. My reality is what I choose it to be. I realize Ive been manifesting some pretty interesting things. Now, I want the other wonderful stuff Ive been voicing. Only the positive of course.(I only talk positive anyways)(now its time to keep chaning my thoughts.) I know in due time, what I am worthy of - and thats a lot - will come my way.

Thanks for listening (reading). Im much better now.

Live moment by moment. Each present moment affects future moments. (feelings)

By the way. I met a guy who said he was complicated whom turned out to be complicated indeed and now he's just my complicated male friend.

I'd rather read a book. At Borders.

Peace and Hair Grease.

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And im gonna EAT it 2!

New Beginnings...

Podcasting. I dont consider myself a journalist, yet I want to report on travel, vulture and lifestyle. I was close to failing my News Writing class yet I want to do stories on Travel, culture, and lifestyle. I've started the quest to write better by writing articles for associated and engaging in my blog.

All that said, this blog will be my journey of new media. How my life unfolds as I embark and take action with my many ideas and future travel, culture, lifestyle adventures, through writing, video, podcast and whatever else the universe provides.

How does it get any better than that?
Madame Unique

Oh yea! I have a new job position. Im moving up the radio media ladder guys!

Heres a pic for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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