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Monday, July 9, 2007

One last thing. Manifest. Manifesting. Visualize. Visualizing. Although I am doing a lot of freelance work and being an entrepreneur I am still searching for a full time job. Full time career would be great. I am trying my hardest to break into the travel and tourism industry (cruise lines, airlines, more travel consulting etc.) completely. I want to marry travel and media. I will be marry travel and media. Im doing that now. As of now, I am sowing and plantint the seed . I am manifesting what I want by staying on track and talking positively about my future. I am visualizing everything that I want. No complaints!

Focus on what you want insted of what you dont want. Its important to focus on the positive to give it strength. Let that energy flow, be patient, work hard and let it go. Let go and let God. eLet the Unvierse hold you by the hand.

"Always keep your childish innocence" and "live spherically, in many directions."
- Felline, Le Maestro, Frederico
(also from one of my favorite movies "Under the Tuscan Sun.")


I know a Secret



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