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Monday, July 9, 2007

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Solo Gal Guide Part 1: Miami

I've done it again people, I am on a roll. I'm so excited about my new move and motivation to write. I like to talk and often find myself talking to my self (i dont answer), mostly out loud just to hear my thoughts. Or talking someones ears off about travel and lifestyle., or the new travel mag I disvovered. And of course I always talk to God. Whom is also a safe haven when people look at me weird when I talk and walk alone. (my aunt thinks i look a bit off when I do that). But here on blogger I can talk. I can talk with my fingers and you peeps are listening.

I am still going to give you the chance to hear me as well. You know im a radio broadcaster, (I got a BA in it and plan to use my skills). I am currently producing my program and cant wait to broadcast it for everyone to hear me chat about what I love!

Also, while i'm writing i'm thinking up new businesses to start leaving a mark on this earth and become the millionairess I know I will be. My latest venture has just started and I am very excited to announce.....I am a consultant!

A consultant you say. Yep. A travel and lifestyle consultant. I tend to have people asking me about where to go in Atlanta for fun, what to do out of town, planing vacays and such, so I decided it was time to upgrade and start a business with my knowledge. This idea was actually introduced to me about 2 years ago, but I never jumped on it. Recently I had an epiphany!

"I want to help others help themselves" - (Taysha Valez)and in turn help myself. Hel others to "Have an experience all their pwn." - (me) I like helping otheers, uplifting them, making them smile. Now its time to uplift myself, completely. I can never take myself for granted and never will. So its time to do something that will empower me. Upgrade me. I luve lifestyle, travel, food, modern creations, activities, events, socializing, networking etc. So, im gonna talk about it and add a little music to boot.

"Get ready, cause here I come!"

Peace Luv Blessings

Ms. Unique

Check out my recently published content on AC:

Solo Gal Guide Part 1: Miami

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