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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Mundo Lounge

Here is the pod player for my now discontinued radio show at GPB. A new show is being created and I will post like crazy the closer it gets.

Kisses and Enjoy.

Inspiration of the Day: Taysha Smith Valez :

Get her book, its a great read and you learn important things about starting a business. Young Black Millionairess, starting a million dollar business.
She's in the Oat industry now. Original and Timeless.

ORIGINAL - Learn it. Live it.

Something Cool!


LIKLE P said...

This music really interests me I want to do some..>?!>!

Ms.Unique said...

Ms.Unique said...

Meanign you want to start a show or just get into some good music? There are lots of podcast sites to begin at.
Thanx for reading.