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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Salsa, Food & Caiparinhas = Latin Atlanta

I decided it was high time I get to the Salsa floor. I was aching for a caiparinha and latin sounds. Cachaca here I come!

A friend and I went to Loca Luna and partook in some serious latin aura.

Orquesta Macuba was playing live music. I have interviewed Eddie Lopez of Macuba once so I have the inside scoop on their cuban orchestra. Click here to be in on it too: Macuba Podcast with Eddie Lopez

Once seated we indulged in Caiparinha's. I made sure I sweat it out on the dance floor later. I had a Raspberry Sake Caiparinha, muddled with lime & sugar and my friend had the traditional Caiparinha.

Then came the food! I ate Braised Pork Spare Ribs w/Aged Sherry, Balsamic Reduction and Herbs and asparagus. My friend had the crab cakes and shredded beef taco's. The mussels and macarones are also great to try. Delicioso!

In the middle of my meal, the music was calling me. I finished up, sucked down my drink and headed to the dance floor. Macuba was on-point, as they always are. I had such an awesome time. I danced with about 5 different guys who each knew how to break it down salsa y bacahata style. The first guy gave me a workout! In latin dance the male is the lead, so where ever he moves me to, I go!

I twisted and turned, dipped and swayed. Dancing at Loca Luna is a good time to learn the latin moves as well. Many people feel you have to know the steps to join in but someone is always willing to teach you a crash course. But for lessons try

I had such a wonderful time.

Viva Loca Luna! (Crazy Moon)

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