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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gran Bahia Principe -Jamaica

Jammin in Jamaica! Okay thats a bit cheesy but, its the truth. From the moment you settle in your chair on Air Jamaica (COME BACK!), to the moment an authentic Red Stripe hits your lips.

I started with a mimosa and delicious breakfast (inlcuded!), and was entertained by Island Vibes and a British prank show. Oh how I love champagne service. Once in the perimeters of Jamaica I glanced out the window at smooth waters and a bright sun. Walking off of a plane, weather is the first thing to hit you and it was Hot Hot Hot Hot!

Jamaica is always ready to serve and please its visitors and scored high with me by offering an outdoor Margaritaville near the hotel shuttles. My lips enjoyed a Jamaican inspired Tequila sunrise and then I was on my way. By now i'm tippin' and excited to reach the resort. We take a moment to stop at a "planned" road side store and restaurant and I act like a tourist and check out the souvenirs (such a no no). Of course, can't keep the party going with out a fresh, cold, Red Stripe. Mmmmm.

So, drinking like this is another no no when your not smart enough to take a restroom break at the rest stop ( I go before and after a flight now).

Fifteen minutes into the ride to the hotel Im squimish in my seat because of my 3 drinks. Im also admiring the couple infront of me, their on the way to get Married at my resort and im also noticing the goats alongside the road. Baaaa.

And there it was....A white castle in the sun. Gran Bahia Principe, Jamrock. So gorgeous and only about a 40 minute ride from the airport. I rushed off the shuttle upon arriving, whisked away my luggage and ran to the beautiful restroom.

Thats right ladies and gents,my first inside look at the resort was a blurr.

Once I got myself together I walked past the snack buffet and to the lobby and stood there looking at the blue Ocean. At last, I made it to paradise.

Yea, paradise. Basically all I wanted to do was relax, pamper myself, eat, drink and chill. And Thats exactly what I did.

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