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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Manifeso-Conscious thought

Did you hear about the woman whom wrote down 100 characteristics of her ideal mate. And presently she is with that man that possesses those characteristics. Others have done the same. Some succeed to a T,others are still learning and not quite there yet.

The purpose of writing that list was to see on paper exactly what your heart desires and watch it unfold. Putting away and hiding it from your self helps you to not obsess over it or keep looking at it. When we have tension and worry about something, that energy attracts like energy and you attract that opposite of your true desire.

One thing that woman did was to write each characteristic from the heart. The list wasn't shallow/vain task. It was emotional, and heartfelt. Many times we make a list, (in our heads, on paper,etc.) we see the desires come true, but not exactly the way we wish to see it. Thats neither good or bad thing, because once you have options or see what you've been asking for you can begin to choose your own path and with each situation you learn something new about you self and what you really desire.

I make lists. I generally do it here on the blog. I've done it on paper to. Those paper lists are generally in my reach, the more I forge about it the more things begin to happen. The closer the list is and the more I look at it, my desires take a longer time to come. Thats neither bad or good as well but If I want faster results maybe I should keep with the latter.

Long periods of time can be a great thing. You can have a desire that needs to be watered. You may not be ready for that desire yet, and could be skipping those situations that need to get you ready for that end product. Find a method and stick to it.

Now, being ready for your manifestation happens for you every day. I was watching "Evan Almighty," a movie about a modern day Noah "Noah's Ark," a beautiful Bible story. Morgan Freeman (Free Man-Spectacular)) acted as God in the movie and one of his lines is a quote that I'm beginning to live by. (not exact quote, just "Does God really give you patience, time with your family, etc. when you ask for it? Or does God give you opportunities to have those things feelings. We get many opportunities to have what we desire every day, we just need to be conscious of them.

Remember being on a road trip and playing I spy? This is the same thing except you choose what you spy. I choose to see a rose or roses throughout my day. Hold the image of that rose or roses and visualize it. Visualizing gives it a physical being because if you say rose you may men a woman named rose or a rose with thorns or rose colors. The Secret documentary mentioned visualizing checks in the mail or parking spaces. Abraham-Hicks talks about spending 17 seconds on one thought then seeing it come about. I first learned this [conscious game] by reading "This book can change your life." The action was to look at a picture of three objects, focus on them and see them appear through out the day.

This can be a very FUN game. The more fun your having, the more happy you feel, the higher your vibration and you attract positive great things and situations. Remember, its how you FEEL while you visualize and ask that pushes the manifestation to happen in good/due time.


Other steps for manifestation from The Secret documentary.

Step 1 : ASK

Step 2: Believe

Step 3: Receive

Now back to my list(check past postings on manifestation). I have a new set of intentions so here we go:


1. Find relief in every situation. Stay Calm.
2. Have multiple sources of income.
3. Be more organized.
4. Take more positive risks.
5. Make an extra $1000 a week.
6. Go to Cyprus for the music festival/party this summer "08"
7. Go back to Jamaica soon.
8. New York New York!
9. Pitch a travel article to Upscale Magazine.
10. Be Greatful for everything!
11. Have positive conversations.
12. Easier, flowing production of the Mundo Lounge
13. Make my day work for me.

Blessings and Love everybody!

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