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Monday, June 9, 2008

060709 Playlist Cafe's, Calypso, and the Caribbean

1. Sergio Mendes - Magalenha
2. Jose'Conde & Ola Fresca - El Chacal - Cafe Cubano
3. Interview with Cuban Orchestra MACUBA
4. Orcquestra Macuba Live at the Apache Cafe
5. Calypso Rose - Ruma and Coca Cola
6. Clave y Guanguanco -Guitarra
7. Interview Cont.
8. Orquestra Macuba Live at the Apache Cafe
9. Bob Marley-Wake up and Live
10. Tiger - Gold in Africa
11. Interview Cont.
12 Orquestra Macuba Live at the Apache Cafe
13. Dizzy Gillespie - No More Blues Picture from

I interviewed Eddie Lopez of local Cuban Orchestra "Orquestra Macuba." Check their myspace at (Or click their name for website) The show was awesome! They performed live at Apache Cafe in Atlanta,Ga. I will be adding audio of the interview soon, so check back asap!

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