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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis: The Rant

The quarter life:

Out of college and in a new job. Moving up the ranks and excited about change. Looking for new ways to grow and wanting to explore what more scrumptious things life has to offer.

Ok now what? The year goes by, life continues to happen and a few things kick you in the butt. Your tired and ready for excitement. So, you search, you grind, you dream and have goals.

Ok now what? You live at home, you have no assets, you look back to highschool when you had specific goals to attain by this time and now you wonder: What the hell is going on!??

Now you search your brain for bright ideas and spontaneous actions.


Ok now what?

Yes, this is a rant. Maybe i'll feel better after it. Hopefully.

These feelings come and go for the majority of us. I guess it's apart of our world and helps to vibrate new desires that will change our present outlook.

Cue the corny cliche: "A new day is coming and the sun will rise again!"


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