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Friday, March 26, 2010

I wanna be like you when i grow up...

"I wanna be like you when I grow up," is something I hear from people often when I tell them my job title and where I work. The industry I am in fascinates most people.

The truth is, I don't want be like me when I grow up.

I realized I don't love what I do when I cringe inside when folks say that ever knowing quote.

At first, I was always flattered. I still am, a bit. But people don't really know what I do. They have their own vision. I have mine.


But there is more to life than a title, repetitive tasks, furloughs, and benefits that I don't use cuz I don't always get sick.

The other day I wrote a list of jobs I could try out. I also made a list of what My dream job looks like. It would be awesome if one of the careers on the list coincides with my dream job characteristics.

On my vision board I wrote out(yea I write on my vision boards):

1. Opportunity to rack up a lot of sky miles - Unlimited travel, whenever I want is a must
2. Be in control of my own hours/make my own hours
3. Have great mobility. I like to move around. If its a beautiful day I like to be in it. If its rainy I like to cuddle up with the animal I am going to adopt
4. Make $500 a day. I believe in it.
5. Work less than 30 hours a week.
6. Learn to be a stronger entrepreneur and bizness owner
7. Work as if I don't have a job. I have that much fun!
8. Feel fulfilled while in this career, having fun, exploring a new wonderful world, being blessed and spontanteous!

Thats a damn good list isn't it? I know its possible and I think about it everyday.

Today I realized I am not as EXCITING as most people think. I have had two weeks off from work and I haven't done anything spectacular. Well, I haven't done anything mind bending. Okay so i have done some interesting things:

I gambled in North Carolina. Won and lost what I spent.
I went to a whiskey tasting. Not my cup o tea but fun. The guy next to me was Hilarious.
Went out to eat a few times cuz I love food
Spent time with friends
Met with my financial advisor (this kinda depressed me a bit)
I crossed a suspension bridge in Tallulah Gorge.
Finally saw Tallulah Falls.

But I expected to do some really world changing, mind blowing activities while on vacay. I have one more week to go. LIFE is meant to be LIVED so there's still time for those types of experiences.

Oh, I forgot about the CAREER list.

WARNING: My imagination is unlimited and i'm open to ANYTHING safe, fun, safe & interesting.

1. Dominatrx.
I watched an episode of "Secret Diary of a Call girl," and was impressed. Also heard an interview on Fresh Air with terry Gross with a woman who wrote a memoir about it.

2. Mary Kay Consultant.
I went to a "business meeting" about becoming apart of the pink cadillac team. It's more of an amazing company than thought before I went to the meeting. Really enthusiastic women making a way for themselves.

3. Internet Marketing. Been researching the world of Katie Frieling. Not sure what products she actually promotes but her personal development blogs and videos are uplifting.

4. A Digital Nomad or Location Independent. I read these blogs religiously: Location Independent, Nora The Professional Hobo, ( I WON A BOOK FROM DOING A SURVEY ON HER SITE!!!!) Plug In ID and the man who started it all Tim Ferris and The 4 Hour Work Week

5. A professional podcaster, blogger, and wordpress consultant. Sorry Blogger. I still love ya though! I got an answer to an Ad I placed on Craigslist. This could be the start of something freelance. Only problem is, I want to do business online, email to email. This guy insists on me calling him. I don't feel comfortable with that right now. I asked for specifics. He gave a number. Thats not specifics.

6. Personal Everything Assistant for my family member who wrote her first book. Great stuff. But no cash flow yet. It's been fun though, and I use a few of my talents in a creative way

7. Flight Attendant. I have applied so many times. I quit applying because I got the position I now have but now I'm re thingking it. That was almost 5 years ago the last time I applied. We shall see what unfolds.

8. A Healthy SkinCare affiliate and advocate. I'd like to promote positive self esteem and well being through skin care. I have acne. I deal with my face everyday, so it's something that's near and dear to me. Like they say: "Your problems are your solutions."

9. An Anonymous online novelist. I could write up my own "Secret Diary " of something eh?

10. Web site owner and designer. Believe it or not, I do OWN a website. or WEBSITES. I have three so to speak. Another passion of mine is World Music. WeGlobalMusicNetwork. Great stuff. The dream is to have this be financially lucrative and a ticket to world travel. I finally bought the .com because I want to be more serious with it. The other site is this blogs actual .com but its under construction. I also have had a hand in creating the website of a new local author. So I shall update you on thos projects as often as possible.

11. English Teacher overseas. I have applied to be a JET. Japanese teaching program. Didn't get it. Afterall there were 5,000 applicants. I applied through another program to teachin Japan and Korea. I have one more to apply for. I have been procrastinating though. My dream is not to teach but I figured its a great chance to travel.

12. FILL IN THE ________________.

So what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up? What do you do now? What are you wishing to REALLY be?

I may be ranting but I want you all (all one of you?) to see all the blessings in your life. Thats what will keep you smiling.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I appreciate it.



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