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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PPT Organization

Lately I've noticed that when my mind is all over the place it can be shown in my appearance, my work, and attitude. Now, no I haven't been in a bad mood with folks, but more so a bad mood with myself.

I've realized I really need to get organized. So, I was on a quest to get clear about what I want in my life and then design a path to follow and attain it. I recognize it as a starting point and platform.

Here's how I got myself clear and maybe this will help you too, or give you an idea of how to break down an obstacle.

Plan-Prayer-Time Organization (ppt organization):


First I wrote a table and made separate columns for: Projects, Goals, & Process.
I listed every project and idea (impulses too, sometimes their the most fun!)I had at the moment and for each one named a few goals. Then wrote out the process I could take to make it happen.

Now after making my lists I didn't dwell on them much, because one thing that stops us from accomplishing our goals is worrying about the details. Yes, I wrote out a process for each but I made simple processes like "share info through a website," or "use craigslist."


Meditation, prayer, being silent; any way you slice it, these are ways to think or not think about your new impulses. In the immortal words of Martin
(from TV show Martin), LET IT MARINATE.

Marinating gives it some breathing room, and time to soak into the Universe and your mind. At times marinating on a thought or idea is the best way to see it manifest. Your feelings are pretty neutral and positive. There's no resistance.


My next step was to print out a blank calendar so I fill it out and set aside pockets of time of when I will work on these projects. Don't overlap anything. Each project has its OWN time and priority.

So, that's where I am right now.
If you'd like a copy of (example) of the templates I made and where to find a blank calender, leave a comment.

Thanx and Happy Valentines Day!

For more on the Value of an Idea check this article out: ~The Value of an Idea~

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