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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Manifesting Time again - Do what WORKS!

Ok, so in the past I've found myself writing out desires, needs and wants in a list in order to internalize them and let it hang out there for the Universe to capture.

Writing is a great way to release, share, and take a look at your life from another perspective. Writing puts it in front of you and if its online you definitely can't run away from it.

Whenever I make my lists, I let it marinate on its own (see last post) Usually I forget about it and come back to it in a few weeks or days and read it again.

What happens is I see things on that list that have already manifested into my personal reality. Those situations are unfolding or blatantly in my face!

So from doing that writing exercise I realize I must be letting "something" go. My emotions fall into my words and the Universe stops it from hitting the ground. It's a form of meditation for me. And I don't mind sharing with others.

Now, I haven't done that writing exercise in a looooong while and its actually very simple. Its just a list. If I know it works, and If I know its a great way to "let go" why not do it? You know, I can't stand it when someone's given an opportunity or choice or process to make something happen and they don't do anything with them. It's just dangling in their faces. What I see in them is obviously a flaw in ME.

So enough with be a hypocrite in telling others to keep doing what works and im not even doing it.

Why do WE block ourselves from sweet release? Because we want to do things the hard way. The HARD WAY is a MYTH. If we're spiritually rooted in abundance than we are definitely physically rooted in abundance too.


(side note) I write everything from the end. What I wish to manifest and see has already been seen and DONE!

1. I created a Global Music Network. It's full of creative, cool content

2. The Global Music Network website has a good amount of followers that enjoy the site

3. I have financial support for my travels. It came quicker than I imagined!

4. A personal makeover was a great way for me to refresh ME to the core!

5. Miami for a month, working on what I am passionate about. WE GLOBAL

6. Travel to Colorado for skiing and mingling in awesome company.

7. Explore the music and dance of Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Netherlands while in Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and The Netherlands.~

8. Released ALL Financial Challenges and am GREAT FRIENDS with my financial portfolio and life!

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