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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Manifesting 2...Some good stuff.

remember the manifesting blog? Wellllll....

I'm seeing some good action. Manifestations 2 thru 4 have surfaced and boy am I tingly from it.

Im went to a B'day shindig last night. Met some new people ate good food and engaged in some great eye candy.

Barbecue on Monday! So, excited.

Now my #1, I have to work on. I think i've been too adamant and demanding. Plus I think about it a lot. The others I asked, revisited a few times, but also just let it to the wind. But, I did get a jumbo buck lottery ticket. The first one was a no go, the second one won me another ticket, and the third was a no go. Im still optimistic! (It was for a sum up to $10,000.

Anybody else manifesting?


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