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Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm real....

I once heard someone say, "People should be real when you first meet them. Why dont they just lay it all out on the table right there?" And of course many others have been told, "1st impressions are everything."

This [To Me]is a bit of a contradiction.

You say 1st impression is everything, but some people, in this world, have had a few assumptions and expectations of who their meeting(know, date etc.). If the person doesn't meet these assumptions and expectations, then the 1st impression is tainted. Folks want to make good impressions. You want someone to be real (or yourself), but who actually shows their full selves within 5 mins to 3 hours of a date or meeting?

"People should just be real..."

Who says, that when you meet someone, they aren't being real. You may not think so, because they don't think like you, they're a different being. Their living their life, not yours. Just because you didnt find out about any annoying habit the first day doesn't mean they were hiding anything. You may not know how emotionless they can be until you spen some real time with them.

What is being real?

Real is being you. You give certain pieces of you with every step you take, with every moment you have, and every breath you breathe. Happy today, sad tomorrow. excited today, nervous tonite. Its still you, just in different situations and circumstances.

We evolve every day.

In reality, (my reality), you will never know someone completely. People change, we evolve, we learn, we grow, hopefully for the better. Every situation, trial, conflict was put in that space to teach us something, to help us live.

I believe not being real means: "not being who I want you to be" or "doing what I want you to do." (Hypothetically speaking)

We have only one life and we have to live it. I mean really live! Do what works for you and take care of yourself. Everyone should be a little selfish. (in the good sense)Look out for yourself (and those dear to you). You may not fit into everyones perception of you, you cant let others dictate your life.


Ok, so your not submissive, attentive, or a follower. Who cares. Everyone has faults. Who are we to say what those are? The powers that be created a unique paradigm, of spirit, flesh, energy & personality. Thats YOU. It makes me want to cry to know that people can be so self-centered and ungreatful. But it is what it is. Learn to let go and run after EXCITEMENT.(I am)(but run after what you want)

Out of all that I've learned its best to "do you." Appreciate everyone for who they are, (they affect your life whether you like it or not), Reach for respect (don't blame, but get that RESPECT),I used to say pick your battles(wisely)but why have battles? That word shouldn't even be in your vocabulary. Let "it" go, (whatever "it" is. Its not worth wasting your living time), stay true to you (other peeps r no matter how you twist it)), think & speak positively. (Our thoughts and words are so powerful).

Please be you. Be respectful of course(don't bring harm to yourself or others). Love is the key. No matter how you give it, its unique to you.


things to google:
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(Just some things on my mind)

Peace Love Blessings

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