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Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is an update to get you over to the WLT website!!!!!

This blog has been a bit defunct sense I bought the domain and turned it into a full feldged travel and lifestyle blog.


Friday, December 31, 2010

Got Bra?

I have another new interest. Im interested in feeling sexy "underneath it all." It's something about wearing risque lingerie underneath your outfits (maybe even your sweats) that can really up your mood. Want a nice easy going day, wear a garter belt! Wearing lingerie enhances the mood because when you wear it you feel "something" different. That "feeling" shows on your face and you glow and that energy moves on and on. You may brighten someone elses day with that feeling. In more ways than one. *winking*

Here's a brief, part 1, history of the brassiere. Vintage "Support."


The Shelf Bra. Want one? Check'em out here!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Changing Reality

Now it's time to put my potential to work. I love creating life in my mind. I have a very vivid imagination and today I realized that I am my biggest obstacle.

There's the quote, "the mind is a terrible thing to waste." But, hey the MIND can sometimes fuck you up.

My mind has been backing me up against a wall and I won't allow it anymore.

I have playing around with this idea for a new way of life and fun work that I can do full time. For some reason, I have time and time again pushed it out of the way, but I always come back to that idea and equally so, some resistance in my life shakes me up. I realize that I keep on shaking because I have not done anything to feed myself. To fuel the desire that lies within.

Once I feed my spirit and stop shaking, I won't be afraid anymore. I won't hesitate and the problems I saw as problems will float away.

There not really problems if youthink about it. Just another lesson to get through and grow stronger and more successful from it.

More on that idea later this week.

I love you sooo much.


Friday, March 26, 2010

I wanna be like you when i grow up...

"I wanna be like you when I grow up," is something I hear from people often when I tell them my job title and where I work. The industry I am in fascinates most people.

The truth is, I don't want be like me when I grow up.

I realized I don't love what I do when I cringe inside when folks say that ever knowing quote.

At first, I was always flattered. I still am, a bit. But people don't really know what I do. They have their own vision. I have mine.


But there is more to life than a title, repetitive tasks, furloughs, and benefits that I don't use cuz I don't always get sick.

The other day I wrote a list of jobs I could try out. I also made a list of what My dream job looks like. It would be awesome if one of the careers on the list coincides with my dream job characteristics.

On my vision board I wrote out(yea I write on my vision boards):

1. Opportunity to rack up a lot of sky miles - Unlimited travel, whenever I want is a must
2. Be in control of my own hours/make my own hours
3. Have great mobility. I like to move around. If its a beautiful day I like to be in it. If its rainy I like to cuddle up with the animal I am going to adopt
4. Make $500 a day. I believe in it.
5. Work less than 30 hours a week.
6. Learn to be a stronger entrepreneur and bizness owner
7. Work as if I don't have a job. I have that much fun!
8. Feel fulfilled while in this career, having fun, exploring a new wonderful world, being blessed and spontanteous!

Thats a damn good list isn't it? I know its possible and I think about it everyday.

Today I realized I am not as EXCITING as most people think. I have had two weeks off from work and I haven't done anything spectacular. Well, I haven't done anything mind bending. Okay so i have done some interesting things:

I gambled in North Carolina. Won and lost what I spent.
I went to a whiskey tasting. Not my cup o tea but fun. The guy next to me was Hilarious.
Went out to eat a few times cuz I love food
Spent time with friends
Met with my financial advisor (this kinda depressed me a bit)
I crossed a suspension bridge in Tallulah Gorge.
Finally saw Tallulah Falls.

But I expected to do some really world changing, mind blowing activities while on vacay. I have one more week to go. LIFE is meant to be LIVED so there's still time for those types of experiences.

Oh, I forgot about the CAREER list.

WARNING: My imagination is unlimited and i'm open to ANYTHING safe, fun, safe & interesting.

1. Dominatrx.
I watched an episode of "Secret Diary of a Call girl," and was impressed. Also heard an interview on Fresh Air with terry Gross with a woman who wrote a memoir about it.

2. Mary Kay Consultant.
I went to a "business meeting" about becoming apart of the pink cadillac team. It's more of an amazing company than thought before I went to the meeting. Really enthusiastic women making a way for themselves.

3. Internet Marketing. Been researching the world of Katie Frieling. Not sure what products she actually promotes but her personal development blogs and videos are uplifting.

4. A Digital Nomad or Location Independent. I read these blogs religiously: Location Independent, Nora The Professional Hobo, ( I WON A BOOK FROM DOING A SURVEY ON HER SITE!!!!) Plug In ID and the man who started it all Tim Ferris and The 4 Hour Work Week

5. A professional podcaster, blogger, and wordpress consultant. Sorry Blogger. I still love ya though! I got an answer to an Ad I placed on Craigslist. This could be the start of something freelance. Only problem is, I want to do business online, email to email. This guy insists on me calling him. I don't feel comfortable with that right now. I asked for specifics. He gave a number. Thats not specifics.

6. Personal Everything Assistant for my family member who wrote her first book. Great stuff. But no cash flow yet. It's been fun though, and I use a few of my talents in a creative way

7. Flight Attendant. I have applied so many times. I quit applying because I got the position I now have but now I'm re thingking it. That was almost 5 years ago the last time I applied. We shall see what unfolds.

8. A Healthy SkinCare affiliate and advocate. I'd like to promote positive self esteem and well being through skin care. I have acne. I deal with my face everyday, so it's something that's near and dear to me. Like they say: "Your problems are your solutions."

9. An Anonymous online novelist. I could write up my own "Secret Diary " of something eh?

10. Web site owner and designer. Believe it or not, I do OWN a website. or WEBSITES. I have three so to speak. Another passion of mine is World Music. WeGlobalMusicNetwork. Great stuff. The dream is to have this be financially lucrative and a ticket to world travel. I finally bought the .com because I want to be more serious with it. The other site is this blogs actual .com but its under construction. I also have had a hand in creating the website of a new local author. So I shall update you on thos projects as often as possible.

11. English Teacher overseas. I have applied to be a JET. Japanese teaching program. Didn't get it. Afterall there were 5,000 applicants. I applied through another program to teachin Japan and Korea. I have one more to apply for. I have been procrastinating though. My dream is not to teach but I figured its a great chance to travel.

12. FILL IN THE ________________.

So what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up? What do you do now? What are you wishing to REALLY be?

I may be ranting but I want you all (all one of you?) to see all the blessings in your life. Thats what will keep you smiling.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I appreciate it.



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Collage and Breathe ~

Yesterday I created my new vision board. A Collage of what makes me tingle with a red background. I watched a movie I LOVE while doing it to keep the good vibe up.

Afterwords I made a Lemongrass Netti pot mix and refreshed my face, my mind and my pores while listening to a spiritual podcast.

Then I meditated for about an hour or so.

I woke up ready to get some work done and while I driving to the bookshop I felt verrrry light and open. I felt damn GOOD!

Point is: every now an then you have to pamper yourself, get closer to spirit and let go in order to let new situations come in.

You don't have to do what I did at all. Whatever meditation is to you, try it and be aware of the synchronicities in your day.

Peace and Love,


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis: The Rant

The quarter life:

Out of college and in a new job. Moving up the ranks and excited about change. Looking for new ways to grow and wanting to explore what more scrumptious things life has to offer.

Ok now what? The year goes by, life continues to happen and a few things kick you in the butt. Your tired and ready for excitement. So, you search, you grind, you dream and have goals.

Ok now what? You live at home, you have no assets, you look back to highschool when you had specific goals to attain by this time and now you wonder: What the hell is going on!??

Now you search your brain for bright ideas and spontaneous actions.


Ok now what?

Yes, this is a rant. Maybe i'll feel better after it. Hopefully.

These feelings come and go for the majority of us. I guess it's apart of our world and helps to vibrate new desires that will change our present outlook.

Cue the corny cliche: "A new day is coming and the sun will rise again!"