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Monday, June 28, 2010

Changing Reality

Now it's time to put my potential to work. I love creating life in my mind. I have a very vivid imagination and today I realized that I am my biggest obstacle.

There's the quote, "the mind is a terrible thing to waste." But, hey the MIND can sometimes fuck you up.

My mind has been backing me up against a wall and I won't allow it anymore.

I have playing around with this idea for a new way of life and fun work that I can do full time. For some reason, I have time and time again pushed it out of the way, but I always come back to that idea and equally so, some resistance in my life shakes me up. I realize that I keep on shaking because I have not done anything to feed myself. To fuel the desire that lies within.

Once I feed my spirit and stop shaking, I won't be afraid anymore. I won't hesitate and the problems I saw as problems will float away.

There not really problems if youthink about it. Just another lesson to get through and grow stronger and more successful from it.

More on that idea later this week.

I love you sooo much.


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