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Friday, October 10, 2008

Manifesting Mojo - IM BACK!!!

Greetings People,

I know its been a long break for me here, but I only post when the spirit moves me. The pic from the previous post is a shot of a very pristine beach in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. GORGEOUS. Video to come soon.

I have learned that I need to stick to what works. I have been writing a lot about manifesting and spiritual paths of living. I have also educated you on 2 Conscious Manifesting Games and proactices.

I have realized i've been doing this blog for a 1 year and 3 months now. With a ton of interesting experiences manifested I am happy.

I still have plenty of manifesting to do though. Writing on this blog is therapy and I get to share with others. So its very cleansing. I really need it now, today.

I have been finding feathers in random places. I wil post a video about it. These feathers have led me to someone who told me about a book called Path of the feather. So every feather I see and come upon, is my inspiration and my wink from Christ. Its he flow of the spirit that says hey, Im here and im listening.
I have much more to come and I need to get focused on my cubicle. I am fengshuing it!!! So I leave you with my list (see earlier posts about manifesting for more info).
My intentions and what I asking for.

2. Multiple forms of income
3. Freedom from lack
4. Seneglese Twists
5. Travel to Jamaica for Christmas. My mom and aunt in tow.
6. A shopping spree at H&M.
7. Visit Miami for a week.
8. Traveling for the love of it!
9. ALLOWING my spirit to guide me and not resist!!!!
Lets get manifesting!

Share your lists if you like.

Peace and Love

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