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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Notes from an Email......

I believe the show is important. Atlanta is a diverse city with many cultural aspects and offers a wide range of music. I concentrate on music from over seas mostly of course, but from many different genre's. There are Japanese hip hop artists, French soul artists, East Indian classical musicians, Afro pop and of course Dance music is very huge across the board especially in Europe.

I love rap from other nations, because it isn't the norm. Check out MC Solaar Africa/France and Zaho (re-made Timbalands "Give it to Me" and Khaled's "Takin' Over, " she has a mixtape)
of Canada/France, oh and DJ Krush is a popular and unique Japanese DJ and rapper. I love sharing what I know about international artists and look forward to telling you more.

-Ms. Unique

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