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Friday, May 23, 2008

Need an Hour?

This Saturday eve be ready for relaxation and smooth grooves. Need an hour to unwind?, well 11pm to the early morn of 12 is the best time, on tomorrow evening.

Montefiori Cocktail, All India Radio and Maxim Illion & Kitty the Bill will help you melt into a lazy mood. We discover the "Lounge" in Mundo Lounge.

I'm Ms.Unique and this is the second week for The Mundo Lounge, on Georgia Public Broadcasting Radio (88.1fm local atlanta and outlining cities) and im settling in. If you have any comments, questions, requests, or just wanna chat about international music leave a comment on the blog.

My favorite tune of the night? Mariposa (en Havana) by SiSe, I just love their cosmopolitan sound and I found them on MYSPACE!!!!

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Amanda: Best wishes on your new enterprise! Loved your first show, and I'm trying to track down the Reggae-style song that I think must have been titled something like "Walk, Walk." Hope you can help. I look forward to hearing you tonight. Thanks, frananncook
Savannah (formerly of Atlanta, Alpharetta and Dahlonega)

Anonymous said...

Can you give the play list for 5/24/08?