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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gig Creator

Douglas Ruffin, CEO of GiGCreator LLC & Friend

Greetings everyone,

In case you missed any events in Miami during Winter Music Conference, I will be posting some tidbits here. The Mundo Lounge is coming along well and the content is amazing. So. be sure to tune in Satrudays at 11pm starting in mid-may.

For those that don't know, Winter Music Conference is a Dance music conference, catered mostly to DJ's and dance music enthusiasts. The week days are filled with sessions, panels and workshops, with the industry's leading dance music artists, DJ's, broadcasters, media
and others. At night, the streets are fillled with people ready to party and check out the evenings events.

Need a gig? GigCreator LLC was "created" to do just that. It was designed to get you some work at events and parties in order to get your name on the map. Also those looking for talent can go to the database to find talent. I met the ceo, Douglas Ruffin at GiGCreator's VIP Reality Remix at WMC last week. Here's some audio from the Reality Remix event at Gem Nightclub, SouthBeach Miami.

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