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Friday, December 14, 2007

Miami for the 4th time/I Rock The MIC

Greetings all, I went to Miami again peoples!! For the first time I stayed in a Hostile. The Jazz on South Beach hostile to be exact, just South of 5th or "Sofi." I think "Sofi"is the bomb! Much quieter than the rest of South Beach and the condos look so fresh and new. Well some of them. I would love to move there some day. Soon.

Ok, so Im doing this blog in pieces, so you wont get the whole spiel here, right now. (working on it in the few mins I have left at work).

When I first stepped into the hostile I was a bit nervous. I was going to be sharing a room with about 6 other girls, dormitory style. ^ stragers form all over the world! Check in was cool but when I stepped in the room it was just simple. I chose a bed and got re-dressed because the event of the night was "Nocturnal Night Club" in downtown Miami. The only thing I couldn't stand and made me even more nervous to stay the ngiht was that someone had funked up the restroom and left a puddle of water on teh floor. DISGUSTING!!!!

But, it all got cleaned up by one of the workers and the smell subsided. Im glad, ciz the night was long and I would soon revisit the infamous stall.

Peace and hair greaze folks, im cuttin't short tonite. There'll be more later.


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