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Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Greetings people1

I dont have much to speak on today but I wanted to come on and write something. For all of those people who actualy read this blog I thought I owed you some content. SO, I guess I can write about what I've been doing on the net today, some things i've come across and whatever else pops into my mind.

Everyday I make it a point to check out my fave gossip blog. YoungBlackandFabulous First thing I peep is Trina, the Baddest B****! She's apparently doing a cover for a black hair magazine. The feature/author of YBF asked if her readers thought Trina's photo shoot was FAB or FABOO. Im gonna go with FaBoo! There were two pics I thought were gorgeous, but the others just werent workin'. I mean the sytlist just slapped some stuff on ol'girl and thought it looked cute. Although she was flossin a nice black outfit and sleek green/aua piece in two pics that were gorgeous. And the wig was very obvious. I cant speak too much bout it cuz im wearing a wig at the moment, (some think its real but if its a lace front its too obvious. She has no baby hair!

Anyways, YBF always has a place in my heart. I love me some Tash!

A little late in the day (30mins ago) I had to check on my Youtube Subscriptions. Theres always that one person, that one account, thats utterly unique and fun to check out (besides mine). DEJUAN P is one of my favorite YouTube pals. So, today Dejuan was talkin' about his Gay character he presented to the world a while back(Jason Vorhees)and how he believes the producers of South Park stole the idea. You got to watch to understand. Click the LINK. Dejuan is a character. Very funny, down to earth, open, insightful, and exciting to watch and listen to. Gotta love'em.

Lastlty I was checking out a hotel in Miami cuz im going back real soon! Thinking of Miami Beach gives me butterflies. I just luv it there. Here's something to show you why I luv it so much: Just some scenery.


Have a great weekend!

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